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August 2, 2019 Meeting Recap

Traditionally each meeting of the Capitol Grange features an educational component. Generally, the Lecturer of each Grange is responsible for the programing, however all Grangers at Capitol pitch in to provide programming content that our members find of interest.

At our August 2nd meeting, our Secretary, Beth Farrell, provided a general overview of Agriculture policy in the state.

Our policy discussion included:

  • Status of the 2019 Farm Act

  • Industrial Hemp in North Carolina, along with hemp and CBD legislation on the state and federal levels. Members discussed potential of the crop for agriculture in our state.

  • Trademark and branding legislation for North Carolina Sweet Potatoes to enhance marketing efforts

  • Privacy Rights of Farmers

  • Disaster Relief Funding for Eastern North Carolina

  • Effect of tariffs on NC farmers and federal trade mitigation funding

Beth also told us about an initiative underway at the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. She informed the group about how this project will benefit NC agriculture and agribusinesses.

The Department is focusing on food innovation partnerships, specifically with NC State University and the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, as the NC Food Innovation Lab prepares to open. Efforts there will focus on plant-based foods.

As a group, we also asked questions and discussed a broad range of topics from farmland preservation to potential new crops in the state. While we have a time for questions with our guest speakers, this roundtable discussion provided the opportunity for members to share their thoughts and insight with the group

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