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2022 Update

I wanted to share a little with you what your Capitol Grange has been up to lately.

In collaboration with the NC State Grange's 2022 State Community Service Project, we donated almost $200 in school supplies to the Wake Education Partnership in May 2022.

Also in May, we donated $250 to the Healing Field "Colonial Flag Foundation", for Memorial Day, in a partnership with the Wake County Exchange Club. This is the second year we have donated to this impactful event that encourages patriotism, civil responsibility, and honors the sacrifices of others.

In July, the Capitol Grange adopted 3 GoRaleigh shelters next to the NC Legislature. This is a partnership with the City of Raleigh and GoRaleigh Transit. Just like the Adopt-A-Highway program, they hope nonprofit and community groups can help our city's bus shelters stay clean and alert authorities of any dangerous or out of the ordinary trash around the shelters. As part of the partnership, signage with the Capitol Grange logo will be placed on the bus shelters.

The Capitol Grange has also partnered with Wake County Meals on Wheels to deliver meals to homebound seniors in our community. We have volunteered with Raleigh City councilman Jonathan Melton and Congresswoman Deborah Ross so far and have had a great time sharing with them the Grange's commitment to community service.

Upcoming: The Capitol Grange is also sponsoring the Wake Up! with Triangle Family Services Breakfast on September 1st at 7:30am at the North Ridge Country Club. If you're not familiar with this group, Triangle Family Services works extensively with families in Wake County to address homelessness, mental health, financial security, and domestic violence.

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